Technology Strategy

"Commerical technology companies are inventing and developing technologies that will be critical to the defense industry. Some of these companies will find they have a gap in understanding how to approach the industry and how to articulate the role of their technology in a defense system. We intend to bridge that gap, helping build profitable channels into the defense industry and simultaneously further the technology base of the military."
     - Dave Chura, founder of Chura & Associates

Chura & Associates has the unique background that spans both sucessful commercial startup ventures and large-scale contracts in the defense market. Our staff is deeply technical, but experienced in the application of technology to solve real problems and experienced in the defense industry processes required to generate sales.

We provide consulting services to:
  • Find opportunity for your technology in the defense market
  • Craft your story on how your technology fits into specific defense systems
  • Develop a channel by which your technology can be sold into defense systems

  • The last bullet is the most underestimated challenge in selling into the defense market.

    Government acquisition is complex, however once understood it offers many ways to realize sales for companies of all sizes. Many defense customers are seeking innovation that would be found in the commercial sector, but they also need help in developing a sales channel that works. To satisfy all, and therefore make the flow of business possible, a strategy is required. Chura & Associates can help your company build that strategy given our deep knowledge of defense acquisition and our experience in building successful start-up ventures.
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