Learn it! Practice it! Own it!

Pro Bass teaches you how to play bass guitar immediately in a practical musical situation, and gives you tools, techniques and tracks to step up your bass playing.

Each Pro Bass lesson includes many bass lines each with tablature and notes, audio that demonstrates each bass line, a background rhythm track to practice them and a longer audio track to apply what you've learned to a typical song pattern (for example, a 12-bar blues pattern). Some lessons include video that demonstrates particular aspects of bass playing. With Pro Bass you LEARN IT, PRACTICE IT, and ultimately OWN IT!

All Pro Bass lessons can be played and learned in ALL keys and almost any tempo, so you can slow down, speed up and change keys instantly. Learning bass lines in many keys will expand your bass playing immensely!

One of the best places for an aspiring bassist to start is on the blues since so much popular music is based on this classic American idiom. In this free version of Pro Bass you will learn four classic blues grooves and bass lines: Shuffle Blues, Slow 12-8 Blues, Funk Blues and Rock Blues. These lines can be used in blues or be applied to anything that needs a melodic supportive bass line. Apply your own creative variations and the possibilities are limitless!


The Pro Bass Lesson store has many other lessons for sale as in-app purchases, including:

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