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Ask yourself, "What would BB, Albert, Eric, Jimi, Stevie and countless other legends do?" and you'll probably find it here. Step into the shoes of the pros and set your axe on fire as you blaze through these nine essential blues/rock moves.

Pro Lessons offers many cool licks in several styles, complete with tabs, ability to slow down audio and video, and a number of backing tracks for practicing.

Many lessons have our exclusive constant-scrolling tab where even if you don't read music (or read well), the spacing of the notes shows exactly the timing! It's easy.

This free app teaches you nine must-know hybrid/modified blues scale licks that combine elements from E major and minor pentatonic, E Dorian, E Mixolydian, and the E blues scales. It also offers In-app purchases with many other lessons.

The Pro Lesson App teaches you how to play something useful immediately in a practical musical situation. Pro Lessons App Features: